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-by Mark Miyasaki, Esq. In civil litigation, it should come as no surprise that the most common types of cases involve personal injury matters. Car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, defamation, a wrongful death. The list goes on.   What happens less often but may nevertheless find its way into a personal injury matter...
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The children of Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut, are trying to obtain guardianship over him in a Florida court – and he’s fighting back. According to the Wall Street Journal, Andrew and Janice Aldrin say their father is in “cognitive decline” and a guardianship is necessary. Aldrin and his attorneys responded with a lawsuit accusing son...
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For those of you who are fans – or at least avid listeners to the hit podcast “S-Town,” you may be left with a few questions: What happened to Mary Grace? Where is the gold??Did Cousin Rita have something to gain?What happened to all those dogs? I can’t answer these questions definitively, but a recent examination...
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Knowing when a conservatorship is necessary is complicated enough. When family members disagree about the care of a parent or relative, obtaining a conservatorship can become even more complex.  So, how do you know when you need a conservatorship – and what do you do if family members disagree?  As an attorney who specializes in...
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