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Attorney & Trustee Services


Litigation can be complicated and stressful. At Talbot Law Group, we serve in an informal capacity to consult on the best strategy in your case, and provide all necessary tools to implement that strategy.

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As Co-Counsel, we are formally associated into a case to represent a Client alongside other Counsel.

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Guardian Ad Litem

For parties in a trust or estate matter who are unable to represent themselves, such as minors or elders with mental capacity issues, the Court can appoint a guardian ad litem to represent their interests.

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Accounting Referee

Many cases require an in-depth analysis of an accounting and potential damages associated with the management of funds. An accounting referee can help clarify damages and provide recommendations to the Judge.

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The vast majority of cases resolve before trial. To resolve these cases, we can offer empathetic mediation to bring the parties to the table and reach resolution.

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Expert Witness

When your case is headed to trial, hiring an expert witness is crucial to allowing the Judge to make rulings in one party’s favor. An estate planning expert provides a thorough analysis of the case by applying the law to the specific elements of a case.

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Neutral Services

In probate, trust, or conservatorship matters where conflict exists, a neutral party can be brought in to manage assets or the care of an elder while the parties resolve their disputes. Talbot Law Group both acts as that neutral trustee and represents local well respected neutral fiduciaries.

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Discovery Referee

When discovery disputes arise, a discovery referee can make recommendations to the Judge to move the matter forward in a timely and productive manner.

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Professional Trustee Services

To ensure your assets are managed and distributed in accordance with your wishes, choosing the right successor trustee is crucial. Matthew Talbot has over 17 years of experience as a trust attorney in California. He has administered numerous trusts, and has been appointed across the Bay Area to act as trustee and attorney for minors and other beneficiaries.

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