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Had a most wonderful experience with the people from this law firm. These people went above and beyond with their service and couldn’t have been more helpful. They were efficient and beyond professional. My brother and I are really thankful for their services during a difficult family matter.

Don S.Jersey City, NJ

I cannot speak highly enough about Matt Talbot and Emily Nashban of the Talbot Law Group. Last year, my stepmother passed away. She had prepared a trust and will 20 years earlier indicating she wanted to leave her estate to me, but had never signed or executed it. She had shared her intentions, with her cousin, a friend, and a neighbor, but without a signed will or trust, the laws of the state of CA would likely leave everything to a nephew she despised and hadn’t talked to in 30 years.

I met with Matt in March 2020. He was confident he could resolve things in my favor, but also, to his credit, he kept my expectations real. I agreed to put things in his capable hands. As required, the nephew was notified of his aunt’s passing. Of course, he felt he was entitled to her estate. Shortly after that, Emily Nashban took over my case. She was fantastic!!! She handled all the communication with the court and her nephew. Together, we built the case, getting statements from my stepmom’s cousin, neighbor, and friend, along with other documents showing my stepmom’s intent. On the surface a pretty good case, but the courts ultimately had to make the decision.

Thanks to Emily’s efforts, the entire estate was awarded to me!! What was seemingly an incredible uphill battle turned out in my favor thanks to the Talbot Law Firm. I’m certain my stepmom is smiling down on them, thanking them for taking care of things.

If you have any estate planning needs, I highly recommend the Talbot Law Group. I can’t say enough great things about them!!! Thank you again Matt & Emily!!

Mark V.

People like Matt and Elizabeth Talbot give lawyers a good name!!! They, along with Emily, handled my Dad’s Probate Case. I found them all to be easy to work with and totally professional. I liked the fact that all my questions and concerns were responded to quickly. In my initial meeting Matt laid everything out for me including potential fees and other “speed bumps”. He was completely transparent. The day I picked up the final Probate papers I jokingly told Elizabeth that I’d do a Commercial for them. Please consider this review as that Commercial. I highly recommend them.

John F.
We had my mother’s attorney trying to untangle a complicated mess of a joint ownership/mis-titled condo that had been passed down from older relatives. Zero progress after a year. Within a few weeks, Matt had tracked down all the previous deeds, unraveled the timeline of ownership, and had documents ready for me to sign that would clear everything up. I found him incredibly sharp, precise, and knowledgeable, but was also very patient and helped to translate all the legalese into something understandable.
More than once, it was clear that he cared more than just the work itself; he was concerned how it would impact our family and was looking out for our well-being, not just the easiest solution.
We are looking to retain him to review all of our trusts and to help us resolve a potential conflict with estranged relatives. Thank you very much for helping our family.
Scott C.Trust Administration Client, Union City, CA

Closely following a traumatic time in life, Matthew and Elizabeth made the process of setting up my will, advance health directive and living trust painless. Everything was handled flawlessly and with grace and professionalism. Any and all questions I had were answered complete and thoroughly. I’m grateful to them for handling my affairs with grace and tenderness following my sudden loss. I can’t endorse and recommend them enough.

Brian B.Estate Planning & Trust Admin Client, Walnut Creek, CA

Matt Talbot is a brilliant attorney and cares deeply for his clients. He also happens to be one of the most in Northern California, with a stellar reputation among jurists. My wife and I are setting up our will with him and couldn’t be happier with the compassionate and thoughtful service we’ve received.

Joseph S.Estate Planning Client, Walnut Creek, CA

Matt and Elizabeth were amazing. They gently encouraged and supported us along the way to (finally) establishing our will and trust. They ensured the documents were accurate and that they reflected our desires. They patiently answered all our questions and gave us just the right amount of encouragement to get the thing done.

Abe B.Estate Planning Client, Walnut Creek, CA

I strongly recommend attorney Mathew Talbot.  He is well known to the judge and all regular counsel in that court.  He has a wealth of experience, and most importantly, has a respectful and smart working style that positively influences judges and opposing counsel.

Attorney, Contra Costa

Matthew advised me on a messy family estate matter last summer. From the first meeting, he struck me as an unusually honest, caring individual who was capable and willing to help me. Throughout our time together, I felt he was a strong advocate in my corner, keeping me informed and calm at every step. I appreciated his candor and rigorous honesty, and would recommend Matthew Talbot to anyone in my life.

Sarah D.Probate Litigation Client, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Talbot has been handling our family trust for more than two years, and in all the time we’ve worked with him has been responsive, pro-active, attentive to needs that arise that we may not be aware of, and generally a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend him highly. He provides more than expected, digs into issues and problems in depth, and is clear and direct in his recommendations, which have been excellent for our family.

Rachel D.Conservatorship & Estate Planning Client, Walnut Creek, CA

Matthew Talbot represented me in a tough probate matter. He was an excellent listener, completely knowledgeable about the case, and he was a very detailed and responsive lawyer. He always kept me informed at every stage of the matter. I am a lawyer and needed a lawyer for a trust matter because i do not work in the area of probate law. I chose Matthew Talbot because he came highly recommended by a colleague of mine. Being a lawyer, I was familiar with the courts in my area of practice and it was apparent that Matthew Talbot was extremely experienced in his area of law and with the courts. He gave me extremely good advice and was very organized in his thoughts and actions. He is very trustworthy. I would recommend Matthew as a probate attorney for any colleague, friend, or family member.

Carin R., EsqProbate Client, Walnut Creek, CA

As a clinical social worker in the Bay area and in my personal life I have dealt with a significant amount of death.
After dealing with my father’s estate and the complexities of probate, I was determined to set up my estate plan and make sure myself and my daughter were protected. Matthew Talbot was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging throughout the estate planning process. He has also given me extensive helpful advice relating to Conservatorship and the care of elders in our community, which is an issue that comes up frequently in my work. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for a stellar estate plan or elder law attorney in the San Francisco Bay area. Mr. Talbot and his team made me feel welcoming and were extremely professional, I felt at ease during a very difficult and stressful time in my life.

Mehera R.Estate Planning Client, Oakland, CA

Matthew and Elizabeth have been integral in helping us to understand and take the responsible steps of planning our estate. Not only were they very knowledgeable in the ins and outs of organizing our future, but also very friendly, accommodating and understanding. You can trust you are in safe hands.

Will S.

If you need the Best, start here. Does not waste your time and stays constantly on your case with intelligence. Not afraid of intimidation but responds with intelligent counter defense instead of emotional cry baby mud slinging, which only does disservice to client. Works double time to protect client with facts instead of theory’s. We don’t need Aristotle just the truth and facts, Matt’s forte!

M.F.Trust Litigation Client, Los Angeles, CA

My wife and I had a great, personal experience from Matt and Elizabeth – they made a complicated feeling, intimidating process seem simple and straightforward.  They did a great job explaining all of the complicated pieces for two completely law-illiterate people.  Everything was done efficiently, with attention to detail, and they’re both just friendly, outgoing and fun to spend time with.  We couldn’t ask for anything different – we’re so appreciative. Thank you!

Dan N.

When setting up our family trust, Mr. Talbot provided thoughtful and detailed guidance on how we could meet our requirements best and retain flexibility for our family. He exceeded expectations both with his expertise in trust law and with his attentiveness to providing the best service for his clients. Mr. Talbot gave us as much information as we wanted and ensured that we understood the basis and possible outcomes of every decision that we made. I have already recommended him to several family members and friends.

Aram Y.Estate Planning Client, Berkeley, CA

This is a wonderful family firm. My husband and I have both worked with them, and they are honest, hard working, and responsive. Matthew handles an extensive amount of trust and probate litigation in Contra Costa County and is well known to the judge and other counsel. We frequently refer friends, clients and colleagues to the Talbots. I highly recommend them.

Holly T.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt Talbot on a difficult family trust dispute. The client’s needed a good legal advisor with litigation experience. ( I came in as agent and translator for the clients, who did not speak English.) Matt was immediately responsive, spent a long time discussing the matter in our first meeting, and then proceeded to handle it well all the way to a satisfactory settlement. He was professional, patient and flexible handling all the people (and languages) involved, communications with opposing counsel, timely filings in court, etc. Throughout the case he made himself available, responded to inquiries, explaining the process and details whenever asked. His strategies worked well and in the end the client’s got the best result they could have hoped for.  (There was some time pressure due to fears opposing party would flee the country. ) Matt worked fast and effectively in bringing the dispute to resolution. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a litigator a/o good counsel in his areas of expertise.

Kathy W.Trust Litigation

We are impressed with Matthew Talbot. He is straightforward, very knowledgeable, and a great listener. He is decisive, which helped us finish this task quickly. He has been in this business for ten years and works with all kinds of people and many different situations come up. Our documents benefit from Matt’s knowledge. Also, one of the best things is Matt’s sense of humor, he made us smile. I imagine Matt is powerful in court. He is smart, clear, concise, and enthusiastic.

Ann M.Estate Planning Client, Menlo Park, CA

Mr. Talbot represented me in probate court when I petitioned to become trustee for my disabled uncle’s living trust following a death in the family. He was professional and patient throughout the process. I highly recommend him.

Greg K.

I recently retained Mr. Talbot as my attorney to help produce trust documents and a will for myself. He was patient and helpful – thoroughly explaining my options and the reasoning behind why and how certain documents are written in a certain manner. His explanations were backed with personal experience and legal reasoning and they helped me to clarify my needs and requirements.

Terence L.

Mr. Talbot is honest, hard working and always well prepared. He is held in high regard by Judges and other attorneys in the community. He will go the extra mile for his client. If you meet with him you will be glad you did.

David P., Esq.

Matthew and his team are knowledgeable, trustworthy and effective attorneys. I have worked with both Matthew and Emily over a decade, and have had nothing but a positive experience. Matthew gives straightforward, thoughtful advice and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Conservatorships and Estate Planning. He he is very patient and answers my questions in simple terms that I can understand. I highly recommend Matthew Talbot to anyone seeking a Trust and Estate Lawyer who puts their client’s best interest first.

Rene M.Attorney, Oakland, CA

Matthew is a patient, supportive, and responsive lawyer and individual. I recommend him to anyone looking for an estate planning attorney they can trust. He has worked with my family and I to resolve all of our estate issues, and when things seemed overwhelming, he was always there to offer his support and guidance. He is a professional and kind individual, and an excellent attorney.

Ann O.

I couldn’t endorse this lawyer more. He is very intelligent, communicative, patient and effective in legal matters. He is a great lawyer and I recommend him completely.

Summer S., Esq.

An attorney friend of mine recommended Matthew Talbot when I was looking for advice on how to – or whether I could – sell my mother’s home. Ten years ago, Mama followed advice, and she put her home in a Living Trust.  That means the trust owned it — not her, not me.  If Mama died, I was the successor trustee, would own the home, and could sell it.  Now, Mama is very much alive, but with dementia.  We had to move her to assisted living after her stroke.  Her home was empty and needed to be sold.  But could I sell it?  How?  Matthew heard my plight, asked me to send him all the documents, then had a consultation with my husband and me by phone.  He answered all our questions, and put us at ease.  He told us how to proceed to where we needed to be to sell it, what documents would and would not be required.  It was very simple, the way he explained it. When we asked, he also recommended real estate agents familiar with this process.  We are in contract now, with a sale in progress, going very smoothly! I would highly recommend Matthew Talbot.  He knows his business, and is patient with questions from the uninformed.  He is kind, and made sure we were comfortable and understood everything.

Sherry C.

I have worked with Matt for some time now and he is the best estate attorney I know. He is quick minded, highly competent in all aspects of estate law and solution driven- which goes with the territory of probate law. He is extremely patient too! Another must for this area of law.

Jeff A., Realtor

I worked with Matt on a case as opposing counsel, and was impressed with his professional abilities and civility, which is something I don’t usually say about other attorneys I encounter. Matt has earned my respect and trust and I regularly refer him matters that are outside of my practice areas.

Vrej G., Esq.

I recommend Matt Talbot for his expertise and compassion in this complicated and delicate area of law. Our family has had the benefit of Matt’s calm and knowledgeable guidance through the process of becoming and serving as Conservators for a family member. He has guided us through the legal complexities and the personal challenges with great consideration and understanding. He’s always clear and always keeping us mindful of our Conservatee’s best interest.

Rachel R.

I am a practicing attorney and whenever I have a question about Estate, Trust, or Elder Law, either for my personal information or a case I am working on, Matt is the first person I ask. He is patient, inquisitive, quick thinking, and intelligent. He is the first attorney I recommend to friends and family seeking help in these areas and is a credit to his field.

Diana K.

We began working with Mr. Talbot earlier this year based on a strong recommendation from a close family member. When setting up our family trust, Mr. Talbot gave us everything we needed to meet our needs and retain our flexibility for the future. He surpassed what we expected in both his knowledge of the law support through a confusing process. Mr. Talbot ensured that we understood every decision we were making and why our choices were the best for our family.

Jackie E.Estate Planning Client, Berkeley, CA

Matthew is a very knowledgeable lawyer. As an attorney myself, I can always count on Matthew to answer my questions about estate planning, probate, conservatorships and elder law. I would highly recommend Matthew to someone seeking legal advice.

Jonathan T., Esq.