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Most cases are complex and have issues that touch on all of the below practice areas

Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be very difficult. It is sometimes challenging during this emotional time to determine whether a Probate proceeding is necessary. Probate is a court proceeding designed to collect assets and distribute them pursuant to a Will, or the law of intestancy, which is invoked if someone passes without a will.

Probate and Trust Litigation

Matthew has extensive experience with Probate and Trust litigation.  Litigation can be an emotional process, especially when family members are fighting over their legacy. His first focus is always on mediating these disputes, whenever possible, and assuring that clients see the best possible outcome.

These services include Probate Administrations and Trust Administrations.  Both of these processes can be extremely complex and Matthew takes pride in helping guide clients through Probate and Trust administrations to the point of distribution.

These services include drafting Wills, Trusts, Powers Of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and other key supporting documents for estate plans. Matthew also has experience drafting Special Needs Trusts and can assist with planning for those with special needs.

A Conservatorship is when the Court appoints a person (such as a friend, family member, or even professional) to act as an agent for another.  I have handled many Conservatorship matters ranging from the basic to the complex.  I handle Conservatorship litigation and, similar to the Will and Trust litigation, my main focus is attempting to mediate these matters.  I am also on the county panel which appoints attorneys to represent the elderly who lack the capacity to help themselves.

Financial Elder Abuse

Matthew handles these matters whether they are in the civil codes, probate codes, or even based on Welfare and Institution code sections.  These services include elder abuse restraining orders and elder abuse litigation.

Settling the estate of a person who passes with only a will – or no will at all – can be a lengthy and complicated process in which disputes arise. Probate is the court proceeding that determines the validity or invalidity of a will.

At Talbot Law Group, we serve in an informal capacity to consult on the best strategy in your case, and provide all necessary tools to implement that strategy. The vast majority of cases resolve before trial. To resolve these cases, we can offer empathetic mediation to bring the parties to the table and reach resolution.

For adults with special needs, a Limited Conservatorship is often put in place. Limited Conservatorships are similar to Conservatorships, but for instances where parents want to manage the care of a special needs adult. Matthew represents both the parents in these matters, as well as special need adults. He is on the Contra Costa County panel appointing attorneys to represent adults with special needs.

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