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Expert Witness

Matthew B. Talbot, Esq.
Certified Specialist, Estate Planning & Probate

When preparing for trial, a party often needs to retain expert witnesses. An expert witness can be a medical expert who interprets medical records, but he or she can also be an estate planning expert who provides a thorough analysis of the case by applying the law to the specific elements of that case.

Hiring an expert witness is crucial to allowing the Judge to make rulings in one party’s favor. The Judge can do so by relying upon the analysis provided by the expert witness. Without an expert witness for your case, the Judge may not be able to make the ruling you want and you could lose the case.

A Trust & Estate Expert Witness can provide testimony such as:

  • Level of capacity necessary to execute a specific estate planning document, such as a Will, Trust, or Trust Amendment
  • Standard of care for an Estate Planning Attorney and whether the attorney met that standard of care
  • Interpretation of poorly drafted Estate Planning documents such as a Trust and/or Trust Amendments
  • The effect of a trust proceeding or estate plan on a Civil Lawsuit, such as a FINRA complaint

Matthew Talbot has experience testifying in both Trust and Probate Trials as an expert witness, in addition to experience as an expert witness in Civil matters with a trust/probate component. 

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