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Mediation is an ever-increasing resolution for court cases. The vast majority of cases settle in mediation before ever going to trial. Parties need an empathetic mediator who can help bring them to the table and reach resolution in a cost effective manner.

Matthew B. Talbot, Esq. has been involved with hundreds of mediations over the last fifteen years. Mr. Talbot is an accomplished probate attorney with extensive experience in Complex Conservatorship, Trust, and Estate litigation. He has had great success in helping litigants resolve their disputes with a mediation success rate of close to 95%.. Mr. Talbot’s empathetic demeanor and keen listening skills help parties feel truly heard, while his unfailing patience and commitment to resolution allow him to work with even the most difficult litigants.

Mr. Talbot’s mediation abilities are supplemented by his years of practice as a probate litigator and experience representing parties from every side of a dispute. He has handled mediations as an attorney for litigants, as court-appointed counsel for individuals unable to protect their own rights, and as an attorney for neutral third parties. Mr. Talbot is highly regarded in the community as counsel for neutral fiduciaries in disputed matters, and is frequently called upon to act as Guardian Ad Litem for elders and minors. Mr. Talbot has been selected to the prestigious Superlawyers in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Mr. Talbot has mediated complex cases involving probate estates, trusts, conservatorships, and elder abuse. He has also dealt with a plethora of probate matters that have family, criminal, and real estate law aspects.

One of Mr. Talbot’s greatest strengths is that he understands that most people involved in a mediation are looking to be heard first and foremost. His listening abilities and interpersonal relationship skills are invaluable when it comes to navigating complex family dynamics and finding common ground. His wealth of probate knowledge and civil litigation experience allow him to provide the parties with an in-depth legal analysis of their risk if the matter continues to trial – putting them in a better position to settle.

Mr. Talbot’s approach establishes a greater context for the situation and helps the litigants make the best possible decisions regarding their cases.

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