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How A Professional Trustee Can Benefit Your Family

Professional Trustee Services

When creating a trust in California, choosing the right successor trustee is crucial to ensuring the assets of your estate are managed and distributed according to your wishes. For smaller estates, a trusted family member can be a great choice as Successor Trustee. But for larger, more complex estates, an experienced Trust Attorney could be the superior option.  

What are the benefits of a professional trustee?

  • Ethical Administration that is in full compliance with the Law
  • Ability to handle larger more complex Estates
  • Provide impartiality and fairness in the trust administration process

5 Things to know about choosing a Successor Trustee in California

  1. The Successor Trustee plays a critical role in carrying out your wishes and ensuring your assets are managed and distributed in way that honors your life, even after you are gone.
  2. A Successor Trustee’s duty is to not only honor the wishes of the trust’s creator, but to communicate those wishes to the beneficiaries in clear and compassionate manner.
  3. A Successor Trustee must also have the knowledge and experience to manage all types of assets and maximize their values – whether it is a home, a commercial building, an investment account – or any other type of asset.
  4. Additionally, a Successor Trustee must follow California Law. He or she may either hire an experienced California Trust lawyer, or alternatively, already be a California Trust Attorney.
  5. When a Successor Trustee and the Attorney for the Trustee are the same person, trustee fees can also be minimized, as a trustee is only entitled to one trustee fee.

Matthew Talbot has over 17 years of experience as a trust attorney in California. He has administered numerous trusts, and has been appointed across the Bay Area to act as Trustee and Attorney for minors and other beneficiaries.

Matthew’s team brings a further wealth of knowledge and experience to our practice. We are firmly dedicated to our clients and committed to providing the highest level of service.

For questions about how we can assist you with Trust Administration and our experience with California Trusts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 925-322-1795.  

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