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July 27, 2015
An Estate Plan may have been on your “to do” list for some time. You are not alone. Most of the couples I talk to in the San Francisco East Bay area have not yet done their estate plan. It’s one of those things that just keeps getting pushed off to a time when you...
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Proper estate planning will generally involve setting up at least one trust. A trust is a separate legal entity that is created to hold the assets and funds of an individual (or individuals). A trust allows those assets and funds to be passed on to heirs, or beneficiaries in a specific and timely manner. Most...
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  According to a new study in the American Geriatrics Society, Elder abuse is much more common than is recognized by society – particularly among adults with cognitive impairments such as dementia. Studies estimate one in ten adults is subject to elder abuse, with nearly one half of all adults with dementia falling prey to...
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