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After years of pressure from patient advocate groups, a recent change in Medicare law will now allow primary care doctors to be reimbursed for Alzheimer’s testing, resulting in quicker diagnoses for elderly patients.  Prior to this new rule physicians did not regularly test for dementia and patients often went undiagnosed and untreated until their lives...
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A good friend recently brought to my attention the story of the “Tractor Will.” In 1948, a man in Saskatchewan carved out his will in the fender of a tractor using a pocket knife. According to witnesses, Cecil George Harris was trapped underneath his tractor for over 10 hours during a winter storm. His short...
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I recently got a phone call from a very kind 93 year old man. He had read one of my articles, and he told me he was calling me because my article said to call if one has any questions or concerns. I was glad he called. While he didn’t have a case for me,...
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Modernizing California Probate Code to Reflect Marriage Equality While attorneys are familiar with the terms “probate code” and “civil code,” most people are not. The probate code in California governs everything related to probate, including trusts and estates and elder law.  As you can imagine, much of probate law makes reference to married couples. As...
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