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Guide to Estate Planning in the SF East Bay: Trusts In the second part of my Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions, we’ll review some estate plan basics as well as go over what you’ll need to get started. So, first things first, if you have a will in Contra Costa or Alameda County, do you need...
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Proper estate planning will generally involve setting up at least one trust. A trust is a separate legal entity that is created to hold the assets and funds of an individual (or individuals). A trust allows those assets and funds to be passed on to heirs, or beneficiaries in a specific and timely manner. Most...
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Executing a Trust can be one of the most important estate planning decisions any person or family can make.  Funding a Trust changes ownership of assets in ways that allows for ease of management and transfer upon the passing of the people involved in the Trust.   When most people open bank accounts or purchase...
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