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Matthew Talbot speaks about his role as a Consultant or Co-Counsel.

Talbot Law Group offers Probate Litigation Consulting & Co-Counsel Services to Attorneys.

We are frequently sought out by both attorneys in and out of the Bay Area to assist with complex probate matters. We take both a more formal role as Co-Counsel and a more informal role as a Consultant for Probate matters.

Consultant Services & Areas of Specialization:

We assist Attorneys who are new to the intricacies of the Probate and Conservatorship field and are seeking a solid resource for success

Matthew Talbot has extensive experience guiding other attorneys through probate cases of all types. Consulting services include guidance drafting pleadings and responses to pleadings, guidance structuring your approach at hearings to ensure best outcomes,  and drafting correspondence to other counsel or entities to help move the process forward productively.  In addition, we can provide numerous samples of pleadings and other documents that are specifically selected for you based on the facts of your case.

We Consult for Out of Area Attorneys who need assistance navigating Bay Area Probate Courts

Matthew Talbot appears in the Bay Area Courts on an almost daily basis, with a particularly high degree of concentration in Contra Costa and Alameda County Probate Courts. He has had numerous cases in front of each of the presiding Probate Judges/Commissioners, and can provide guidance on their approaches and practices. In addition, he has a strong working relationship with the Court Clerks, and in depth knowledge of how the Courts are run.

We Consult for Experienced Probate Attorneys seeking an in-depth guide to the Civil litigation aspect of Probate disputes

Matthew Talbot has been litigating Probate matters in the SF Bay Area for nearly 15 years. He is well versed in the diverse range of civil litigation tactics that can be employed to maximize leverage in a lawsuit. Additionally, he is deeply familiar with the Bay Area Probate Litigators and their modus operandi. In addition to consulting, he serves as an estate planning expert witness for matters headed to trial.

Co-Counsel Areas of Specialization:

As local litigation Co-Counsel with in depth knowledge of the Bay Area Courts

As Co-Counsel, we are formally associated into a case to represent a Client alongside other Counsel. We file pleadings reflecting our role, and are directly involved with the client. This is very beneficial for skilled attorneys who may have a case in the San Francisco Bay Area, but do not generally practice here. We assist attorneys from all over California as local counsel to help guide them through the local rules and preferred practices of the Bay Area Courts as well as the Judges’ common practices.

As Litigation Co-Counsel for Estate Planning and Administration Attorneys

If you’re a successful Probate lawyer who prefers to avoid litigation, there’s usually a reason – you’ve been successful without subjecting yourself to the immense stress a litigation can entail. Our firm has built its reputation on embracing a practice of complex litigation, and we thoroughly enjoy stepping in to work alongside our colleagues. There are a number of different ways we handle Litigations when brought in by a colleague:

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